by Sandra G. Cimadevila, 19 August, 2015

The coincidence exist.

Have you stopped to think about what guides our steps and drives our decisions who shape our destinies?

Mid-2013, an illusion, and the vision of the same picture shared by two people in different temporary spaces, the 6ème a gallery in the emblematic distric of Saint Germain, Paris. That was only the first of the signs that pushed to Alba y Menchu to give a complete change in their lives and start this adventure.

Concerns and illusions they both shared, made them to take a step forward that would give shape to this brand that exudes delicacy and good work by every pore.

6ème Galerie keeps inside a meaningful purpose, by who the two founders work every day since two years ago; and that purpose is not other than meet the gap of delicate pieces for special occasions who remain timeless with time. The 6ème Galerie´s collections; tell us, they try to evoke a relaxed and romantic sensuality, a tribute to femininity and naturalness. And so, they fleeing topics, keeping a casual and a “grunge” air, but at the same delicate and very feminine, bringing to life unique pieces able to boot a tear or two.

6ème Galerie started wearing special brides, but today their creative process is much greater, also  including a  ready-to-wear line but no less special. Because when we asked which of these two aspects is their favorite, Alba y Menchu can´t opt for none, because everything is done in 6ème Galerieit´s done with the greatest passion and enthusiasm that anyone can express in their work. And it’s no wonder, because today they are part of multibrand stores sharing space with brands they admire in cities which both are fascinated, like London or Barcelona.

Whit Vance Joy at the background and images from Wendy Bevan or Sofía Coppola in the head, they start every new day in their studio willing to give the best of themselves. Because if something have clear Alba y Menchu,  is that this is just the beginning of a long story that will let them to open their store or some ephemeral one in a Balearic Island, but always doing what they like, bringing to life collections that fleeing from extravagant and strident; following their hunches and creating delicate pieces that currently remain with the passage of time. But whatever, they imagine happy in their “beach-bar”, allways, with the sea views.

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