Iamnue | SS 16 CAMPAIGN

Iamnue | SS 16 CAMPAIGN

by Sandra G. Cimadevila, 15 February, 2016

From WE ARE NUE | STUDIO we are proud to share with you the result of the last work done by us. From our studio, and thanks to the involvement of an incredible team of collaborators, we have created  Iamnue´s Spring - Summer 16 Campaign.

For the Creative Direction of this Campaign, in WE ARE NUE | STUDIOwe have taken as a starting point, the strict lifestyle in Amish communities; representing a break of culture in the traditional groups and their consequent adaptation to social rules established nowdays.

After a period of contact with the habits and rules of what they call “English life”, the young Amish required to decide which way to go; if the austerity of their communities or the opening to a completely opposite life, unknown for them, giving up his religion, his family and his existence as they know. This phase is called Rumspringa.

Rumspringa Collection

Through this vision, Iamnue offers essential garments that are perfectly adapted to the demands of contemporary man.


Campaing_Iamnue SS16 Campaing_Iamnue SS16 Campaing_Iamnue SS16 Campaing_Iamnue SS16 Campaing_Iamnue SS16 Campaing_Iamnue SS16


Discover the whole collection at iamnue.com since March 2016.

Creative Direction: WE ARE NUE | STUDIO

Photography: Jorge Pérez Ortiz

Model: Curro Verdugo Álvarez de los Corrales


Hair & Makeup: Bello Minarai

Special Thanks to Casbia and Ciudad de la Cultura de Santiago

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