Japanese Footwear Label | Hender Scheme

Japanese Footwear Label | Hender Scheme

by Sandra G. Cimadevila, 13 August, 2015

Its almost impossible to think that a brand can only produce exclusively handcrafted, and more if we think in the macro productions to which we are used to. But the thing starts to make more sense when the artifice behind a brand of these characteristics, Ryo Kashiwazaki, is from the Japanese country. 

And it is that the ingenuity of Japan always surpasses anything we have seen before, turning signature Hender Scheme in a revolution that already has a large club of followers.

As much it is, despite being recognizable classical reinterpretations by all, among which we can find from some Air Jordan 4 or a Nike Presto, the New Balance 1400 through to magnificent replica of Masion Margiela; this artisan peculiarity makes them completely unique and unmatched pieces. Well, if we don’t know that it is not worthy of the most high-tech reproductions, we never say that behind this result is a human craft.

Hender Scheme collections are born as a tribute to the most iconic classic lines, but reinterpreted with luxury and exquisite craftsmanship materials, which manages to highlight only the outline of the design.

Through the use of the “vegan”, the weathering becomes an integral part of their own model, which  contribute to bring more personality to an already special sport design.

Ryo Kashiwazaki gets, playing with the sometimes blurred boundaries between counterfeiting and creation, a perfect balance between the classic styles and the Japanese traditional crafts, bringing always to life surprising collections.

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