The “It girl” | Chloë Sevigny

The “It girl” | Chloë Sevigny

by We Are Nue, 4 May, 2015

Preppy punk is how Kim Gordon [singer of Sonic Youth] defines the style of the fashion muse, Chloë Sevigny. His latest book is an apology to his eclectic and bold style, guiding us through his life since his teens with unseen images, in which we are shown to a natural Chloë without complications.

The idea came on a trip to the actress to Japan. A day walking through the streets of Japan, came across a biography about herself that [in the words of Chloë] it did not matched the reality. And who better to tell her story to herself. Rizzoli came up at the right time, gathering about a hundred of the best snapshots that summarize the life of one of the most “avant-garde” figures into the modern paradigm of the “it girls“.

The undefinition that Chloë show about herself in its latest publication, allows everyone to draw their own conclusions about his personality, wild and unfettered; characteristics that have made her on icon of many. What is clear is that Sevigny does not leave anyone indifferent.

Unknowingly pioneer [and probably unintentionally] of the new concept into the fashion industry, the free soul of Sevigny has led her to be in the spotlight of many. Supreme, Nicolas Gehsquière, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon [from Opening Ceremony], Stella McCartney and Miu Miu are just the beginning of a long etc.

They idolize her, to the point of getting actively into many of his designs. The most recent case is the SS15 capsule collection of Opening Ceremony, but there is a long list of etc. by the versatile girl Massachusetts’s.

The free spirit of Chloë is reflected in the lookbook who starred with the skater Jason Dill for the collaborative collection between Supreme x Comme des Garcons in 2013, in which the pattern mix of dots and camouflage coexist to bring to life an unexampled collection for both brands.

She has become the essential face of front rows [although said that she find them boring], and renowned events; figuring us that fashion is more than what we see at first glance. In the eyes of Sevigny; fashion is attitude, reinterpretation and freedom.

It girls” do not usually reach forty on the way that Sevigny does, but it looks like she breaks all the stereotypes and paradigms, and far from being already at an end, his career only writes new and ever more surprising episodes.

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